Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Last Portal Comic Ever

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This week’s podcast is short and sweet like a petite treat.

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  1. That last line took me by surprise! :-)

  2. I WISH HELL WAS REAL BECAUSE I WANT YOU to burn for eternity,you make me so fucking sick that i want to rip my own testicles off with a jackhammer. i once thought that i could be happy, that was ten minutes before arriving upon your site by accident, now i realize that god is dead and happiness is a myth, i thought i was dreaming but i jabbed a needle into my own glans and never woke up from the nightmare that is your awful Zionist comic. i honestly pray for the apocalypse every time your silly filth invades my brain. you are both the devil and i hope you do the world a justice and cut your untalented hands off. just crawl in a hole because you have failed.

  3. I do so love to inspire passion in the youths.

  4. Anti-portal comic sentiments go hand in hand with Jewish separatism, of course.

  5. Clever, yet understated. I like it.

    Anonymous can go take a running jump.

  6. Portal 3 or 4 release? When I get this? I'm gonna be disappointed with this comic. But the page will load in .0000004 seconds, so....