Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pinnacle Immemorial

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Here's the story with the actual Reggie quote, for those interested.

The fidelity of this comic's podcast is forever sullied by the infernal creaking of Eli's chair. Enjoy!

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  1. You're comics tend to be a mash of multiple jokes. Every now and then, these jokes that you have crammed into the comic are all actually funny. This is one of those times.

  2. Skyward Sword has been sitting in my room since a week ago. I'm waiting until winter break/next semester to start playing so I don't PLAY IT EVERY FUCKING WAKING MINUTE AND FAIL OUT OF SCHOOL. I usually stare at the case for 2-3 hours a day while drooling. I hope there is no sarcasm in this comic.

    But seriously, how many stars would you give it out of Ocarina of Time? (One answer from each of you please).

  3. I actually haven't played skyward yet, I'm waiting to borrow it from Jake. To be honest though, Ocarina of Time isn't my favorite zelda. I was always more of a fan of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess.

  4. There's abundant sarcasm in the comic, but we're not remarking on the quality of the game. I'm sure it's fantastic. Part of what we're saying is that it's silly to compare games to their past counterparts, since video games are still so dynamic as a medium. The new Zelda games are better in a straight up comparison, but there's no need to compare. OoT was revolutionary for its time. Besides, I was 10 when I played it. It would be hard for anything to be as magical.

  5. Yikes, Twilight Princess better than OoT? (Cringe).

    I agree that it's pointless to compare games of the same series in their own encapsulated universe without taking into account history or context, but I think there can be value otherwise. If OoT was revolutionary (and it was), and SS is just another game in the series with better graphics and slightly modified content (à la CoD), then I would argue that OoT is better. If SS is original and revolutionary (and it probably will be at least in terms of human-computer interaction), then it becomes more of a moot point and it will be hard to overcome nostalgia (as you said). From what I've read, it seems that SS is in the latter category (thank the Heavens of Hyrule).

  6. Great comic, BTW.