Saturday, December 24, 2011

Comeuppance Conundrum

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If you don't like the the part of the podcast where we actually write the comic, then take a pass on this one. This strip was an uphill struggle.

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  1. Everything since The Ark is pretty damn good. You have just about mastered the art of chaining multiple jokes together in one single comic. I think I can share this comic with my friends in confidence now.

  2. Woo, the Mik stamp of approval! Share away!

  3. Great comic, time for the Podcast!

  4. I have been nerd sniped. Curse you! I love it! However, I found the answer using calculus methods, and I'm not sure it can be found using algebra, especially at the high school level... Also, labeling x asa percentage threw me for a loop for a minute, I would prefer if it was labeled as a proportion... Overall, great comic!

    I won't post the answer here, so others can have as much fun as I did!