Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rise of the Prank Lords

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Many are the reasons that one could conceivably dislike this episode of the podcast.

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  1. this doesn't make any sense. u don't throw the football through the goalposts to score.

  2. yea. yea guys. throwing footballs is outside of our realm of understanding. this is all just a bunch of incohesive shapes and colors, I dont understand anything please god someone kick a football.

  3. Now, far be it from me to win a football argument on the internet, but would my back not have been made into the end zone? Do end zones not need to be slam jammed upon football progress?

  4. no u have to catch a ball in the endzone, or carry the ball into the endzone in order to score. what u have on your back are goal posts which a kicker would kick a ball between in order to score 3 points of a touch down (getting the ball into the endzone) wasnt feasible. this just doesnt make any sense and therefore doesnt really work on any level

  5. my fault ..."IF" a touchdown wasnt feasible. caught my mistake

  6. i think the idea is that somebody threw a sports ball at another human. i dont know how it could be so jarring as to make no sense to someone.