"The super brophy brothers web comic... It is a revolutionary reign of terror. The Highlight of my day." -Alex P.

"Already have [the podcast] downloading on iTunes.  I wouldn't pass up that kind of dialogue, even if a firetruck full of Islamic transvestites was beckoning me to participate in anal activity." -Alex P.


"That shit is gold" -David W.

"Does your brother want to marry me?" -Jen S.

"It is my favorite tradition to stop by [Super] Brophy Brothers for a drink and a bowl of clam chowder or the garlic baked clams!" -Larisa M.

"Super Brophy Brothers was so unfunny it made me cry :(" -RX3115

"That entire site is just crap."  -HollowNinja

"I clicked on the Super Brophy Brothers and my antivirus stuff booted me back out.  'Nuff said."  -King Johngie the Fourth

"This is the worst webcomic I have ever seen."  -SpazH3d

"Looks like it was inspired by Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and by that I mean it looks like it's trying to be Ctrl+Alt+Delete." -Dark Lancer